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Email newsletter You can subscribe to receive Planet Earth as a regular email newsletter that contains all the content from the magazine, as well as stories, videos and podcasts from. Is climate change causing more UK floods? On the road to resilience in Ethiopia (PDF, 941KB) In the vital fields of flood prevention and water supply, roads offer incredible potential to enhance and enrich the lives of some. Winter 2015-16 floods among worst in 100 years (PDF, 498KB) A new scientific review of the winter floods of 2015-16 confirms that the event was one of the most extreme and. Flooding poster (PDF, 1.2MB) What causes flooding and what are we doing to prevent it? But will the way we currently use them give us problems in the future? Unfortunately we can't send paper copies outside the UK. Planet Earth archive to download and read older editions of the magazine. A view on the coast (PDF, 557KB) How the iCOASST project is helping to reveal what the next hundred years could hold for coastal flooding and erosion. (PDF, 552KB) 'Combined sewage outflows' could cause us to come into contact with drug-resistant bacteria at the beach. If you currently subscribe to receive the printed magazine, you can unsubscribe as part of the sign-up process for the email newsletter. Groundwater: The threat beneath our feet (PDF, 651KB) Groundwater is the ultimate invisible asset, it supports key ecosystems and meets the water needs of millions, but it can also pose a. Have we opened the floodgates on antimicrobial resistance? Managing flooding by working with nature (PDF, 593KB) The government recently announced 15 million for natural flood management initiatives. Environmental science in virtual reality (PDF, 560KB) Scientists have developed a new game that lets you experience a flash flood. Sigur Rs dont generally take on outside work, have turned down offers for commercial use of their songs and usually avoid looking backwards when it comes to recording, but they. Planet Earth is a free magazine aimed at non-specialists - policymakers, businesspeople and members of the public with an interest in environmental science. News (PDF, 845KB) African swamp locks in 30 billion tonnes of carbon, ice melt impact on Arctic Ocean, 2016 was the world's hottest year on record and other stories in brief. Otherwise, to unsubscribe or notify us of a change of address, please email. (PDF, 525KB) Nick Reynard, the Centre for Ecology Hydrology's (CEH) science area lead for natural hazards, reports. Printed magazine If you are in the UK, you can also subscribe to receive paper copies of the magazine, however please consider the environmental impact of this and subscribe to. Flooding by numbers (PDF, 666KB) Statistics showing how NERC flooding science saves lives, homes and businesses. Planet Earth - Winter 2016-17 (PDF, 4.6MB) The full magazine. Revealing the UK's hidden depths (PDF, 505KB) Underneath the Earth's surface lies a wealth of resources. Latest edition PDF documents of each article (or the entire magazine) are available to download below. Trees of the sea share their secrets (PDF, 1003KB) Coralline algae are found on nearly every shore in the world and could be holding important clues to climate change. The latest edition of the magazine is available to view below, along with an archive of older editions. A lot of Korean women hate Korean traditions and culture which tend to favor Korean men. And remember 'facts and truth are not always synonymous the NYC minister tweeted at the time. Because of this, we are committed to assisting singles everywhere in their search to find love and romantic fulfillment.