Male dating profile description

I know how to speak my mind and get what I want, but I do so with a smile. She is articulate, funny, and opinionated at the very least. That's how you would be in real life. You are much better off speaking your mind, as that will significantly increase your chances of finding a reader who will relate and agree with what you say. He doesn't need to know everything about you in this first introduction. Headline is very inviting - makes you want to click on it. They've had enough demands in their life including those put on them by ex-wives and families. For some women that sounds horrid but in real life we do it all the time. Even guys with money don't want a woman telling them where to go and what to do. A man who ONLY has eyes for me can make me laugh are important qualities! About Me: I have always winced at the thought of online dating but in the name of open-mindedness, f it. Online, you have fewer than 10 seconds to get his attention before he moves on. I have noticed the following dating profile about a month ago, and I decided to post it here with very minor changes, as I consider this the most interesting and. Excitement is what you want a man feeling when he's done reading what you've written. Find out more about how to meet great guys through online dating at www. It gives men the wrong impression and encourages those you probably aren't interested in to write to you. I am secure happy with myself, but. Personal ads featured on this page were written by real men and women and posted on various online dating sites. Here are the nine rules for doing the same thing online. Your online dating profile is no different. You have no control over who he ultimately wants or is looking for. Think again about when you met someone in person. Your goal is to get a man's attention quickly. Also, there is plenty of personal details to know right away if you both have anything in common. For example, "If romance and passion appeal to you like they do to me, let me know." In other words, if he likes what you like, let you know by. She appears to be between 26 and 40 years old, but may appear younger than her age. There's nothing ier to a man than your confidence. You can write your profile in Microsoft Word or other document programs so that it highlights any mistakes, and then cut and paste the paragraphs you've written to your profile. They're not looking for a repeat of what they just left. One big pet peeves for many men is horrible spelling and grammar in profiles. I encourage playing with children and learning a second language. I wrote things about making love on a beach with my soul mate. Despite being very busy (arent we all? If you think you may have found my smile, please e-mail me as I really need it to be myself. If he can picture himself in your story, more than likely he will write to you. The only difference is in real life you have time to immediately correct a faux pas. Some would consider this profile to be too negative and opinionated, but I strongly believe that playing it safe is not the right way to go when it comes to. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor, family friends are very important to me. I am interning at the local . Men see what you look like but if you tell them in a bragging way, they'll think you're stuck up and move on. Original, appealing and very well thought out. Particularly, don't brag about your out of this world looks. If you met an attractive man at a party, you would be showing him your best side and flirting up a storm. Sometime all it takes is a bit of inspiration to come up with  a good personal ad of your own. Lost Smile-Reward For Recovery I'm putting out a world wide web bulletin to get everyone's help. After being thoroughly disappointed in the trashy local nightlife, I have come to the conclusion that meeting people here might not be the worst idea. Obviously, I dont know much about the writer, but clearly she is not your average girl. Come up with ideas or small stories that paint a picture of the two of you that a man can imagine himself in. Try making your profile title catchy, using activities you're involved with to create your online name.