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Our own Grant Harris has a great deal of professional experience in Human Resources and HR consulting. How to Write Your Resume The rule of thumb is to try and keep your resume to one full page. Use 10-12 point font depending on length. In honor of all of our readers who are recent graduates looking for their first job, and to those who are looking for a new gig, we offer these seven. I asked him his thoughts on how an applicant should prepare a resume: Before finding my true passion for fashion and starting my own image consulting company I spent years in HR. It will come out during the interview or worse yet on the job. Primers 7 Free Resume Templates Template 1 Download this template. In this case make use of one of the templates that utilizes tabs and negative space such as template 2. Some technical jobs may want a straight outlined black and white document. Note: Initially I was hoping to release these as Google Docs, but I ran into formatting issues when I tried to import them in Google Docs. Here are my 5 dos and donts of resume writing. Submit the same resume for every job. . All seven are slightly different in what information is prioritized. Highlight impressive or do-well extracurricular activities if need be. So I thought Id help you out in your search by putting together these seven free resume templates to give you a running start. Some may be common sense (unfortunately common sense isnt so common) and others may not. This may change later in your life if you become an executive, or are an academic, or have a long list of impressive clients or projects. Professionally, our resumes are often the first impression a potential employer gets of us. Lie, embellish, stretch, add, fluff, fudge, or put anything else deceiving in a resume. . For example, if youre an engineer, an employer may be most interested in work history or where you went to school. Different industries and positions are interested in different info, so be sure to pick the one which makes the most sense for your field. Templates for Fake Twitter/Facebook/Instagram pages - Mr. Inspired by some beautiful examples I found across the web, these templates should help you get started no matter what your industry. Use a lot of colors or overuse italics. Needless to say Ive seen a few resumes and been through more than a few interviews in my day. Obviously flash with no substance wont get you a job either. Also be mindful of how receptive your field is to design and color. Check out our feature on cover letters and resumes, How to Write a Killer Cover Letter in the 21st Century, and these 50 buzzwords you shouldnt use on your resume. Use a professional/executive summary to pinpoint skills and objectives. In the same way that its important to your chances of landing the job to be well-groomed and dressed like youre serious, so should your resume.