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Heatmasterss indoor/outdoor furnaces are among the most effective boilers available today. Titanium enhanced, corrosion resistant 409 Stainless Steel is the only product that can provide the right blend of longevity, cost-effectiveness and other critical traits that meet the Heatmasterss standard of. From the main page you can choose between the different state websites in the upper right-hand corner of the page. When we were transferred, another automated system with a different voice came on the line again. However, G Series high efficiency models can also be placed indoors such as, a garage, shop or outbuilding as well. The US website is a bit difficult to navigate as contact information is based upon location. Our best advertising is our many satisfied customers. You can also contact National Grid using the online contact form here via the website for your local National grid energy company. Heatmasterss indoor/outdoor furnaces are built to last, so once the cost of the unit is accounted for, you will have many years of free or inexpensive heat to look forward to. National Grid is an international energy company that serves the United States and the United Kingdom. Once youve chosen the proper website you can log in to your account for bill payment and customer service contact. These rugged hot water furnaces will save you time and money because they have been designed and constructed to be the most durable and convenient on the market. Learn More What are Outdoor Wood Furnaces? This is why you see mild (carbon) steel rusting while sitting out in the open. National Grid provides energy in New York, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. We combine the best materials with expert engineering to create the most rugged, longest lasting indoor/outdoor furnaces available. Our indoor/outdoor furnaces can have many uses. This is why many mild steel furnaces are at least 1/4 thick to give the furnace more life span. We want to hear your National Grid experience. Along with central heating and hot water for a residence or business, they can provide heat for hot tubs, swimming pools, pressure washers, driveway snow melt systems and almost anything. It uses about half the wood of a conventional furnace! Our Experience After dialing the National Grid customer service phone number we were greeted with the typical automated response system. These furnaces are placed outdoors approximately fifty feet or more from a building, usually close to the wood source. These furnaces are sometimes referred to as wood boilers, wood burning outdoor stoves or hydronic heaters. Because 409 Stainless Steel was designed and developed for high temperature situations and to withstand corrosion. The hot water ties into the existing heating systems through a heat exchanger and can also provide domestic hot water, adding to the savings. It is a great option for radiant floor heat as well. Official Website If you are looking for the official website for US National Grid you can visit https www1.nationalgridus. This is why you will see furnaces made out of 304 Stainless Steel warp and spider crack often and be very hard to weld on. We have attempted to contact National Grid by email to assess how quickly the company responds to customer service email communication. Rating: 1.7/ 5 (94 votes cast) Contact National Grid Customer Service, 1.7 out of 5 based on 94 ratings. An outdoor wood furnace thats rugged and easy to use.