Dating guys with beards

The beard blocks out the sun's harmful rays and keeps him baby-faced underneath all the fuzz. It's suddenly really hot in here, right? If puberty taught him nothing else, it's that growing a full beard is worthy of some serious kudos. Better invest in some drain cleaner, pronto. It takes some serious cojones to walk around with a full bush on your face. Men all over the world are growing their beards, getting tattoos and styling their hair. Com More from Women's Health : The Weird Thing That Determines What Kind of Guy You're Attracted To 10 Things Married Women Are SO Sick of Hearing. There's a Tipping Point One minute he's Jake Gyllenhaaland then he's Gandalf. Lumberual is a recently coined term used to describe what we have always known as. Snuggling your face in a soft beard is comforting and fun.  There are people all over the world who love guys like us. You didn't just fall for him; You fell for him and the beard. Your lumberjack fantasies are now a reality. Here are a bunch of places that. If he always looks like he's about to hop on stage and play the washboard in a jug band? Beards come when a man hits puberty and is ready to impregnate you with his seed. There's No Telling What's Underneath Zits, scars, a Rainbow Brite facial tatit's anyone's guess what lies beneath all that facial fur. Guys with beards just have better product, and as someone who loves to put every item in a shower on my body all the time, there's nothing better. His Beard Doubles As Velcro Tissue bits, scraps of food, random fuzziesthey all manage to snuggle in there. To be fair, it's only sometimes, like after he cooks fish in a hot kitchen. Dudes with beards are the hip to the beardless dude's square. It's like a whole new relationship without it. Miguel Birdsong active 10 minutes ago Alanna McMullan active 22 minutes ago Williams Holifield active 22 minutes ago. Now that he can do it on the regular, you better believe he's going to werk it. He can build anything, fix anything, lift anything, and the ? If you want a man who looks like he can build you a treehouse with nothing but his bare hands and a pile of kindling, get yourself a man with a beard. You get to use his conditioning products. READ MORE Beards Are Back Turns out beards are back in a big way all around the world. . SIGN INTO YOUR ACCOUNT CREATE NEW ACCOUNT Remember me. Another fact I'm about to drop on your face: The scarier a dude looks, the more of a puppy dog he is. Do you know the kind of patience it takes to grow out a beard? Here's a really good fantasy to get your motor running: Fresh off a day panning for treasures in the Sacramento river, your man chooses to come home to you instead of visiting.