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 Im so sorry! You'll find that these funny 30th birthday"s and sayings. Party: a social occasion, often in a person's home, at which people eat, drink, talk, dance and enjoy themselves. The"s by him in this article will tell you why. The season that inspired many artists, writers, and alike, to compose beautiful. If youre a big fan, you can sign up for updates here!) For your birthday, I wanted to give you 100 GRAND! Share Funny"s to Wish Your Loved Ones a Joyous Happy Birthday Who says birthdays cannot have a funny side to them? And just like any other relationship, it has its share of funny things to say about.  ( Reeses Pieces ) There are a millions REESES why I love you! Share These Funny Mottos About Life Will Make You Shed Laughing Tears. Browse Cute quot;s and famous quot;s about Cute on Searchquot;s. com.  Hope you have MOUNDS of fun today! I love you more than a 100 GRAND! Share Short Funny"s That Pack a Punch of Laughter Looking for a quick laugh at the end of a stressful day? This escape for sometime, for a good laugh, is worth it. Share Wacky, Funny Get Well Sayings That Will Cheer Up Your Dear One. Share These are the Most Hilarious Short"s You'll Ever Read We all need a little bit of humor in our lives in order to get us through the tough. He may be considered wacky, obnoxious or weird; but Dane Cook's popularity knows no bounds. Share Famous and Funny Movie"s That'll Leave You in Splits. Meet me AFTER EIGHT to celebrate I love that I can still ROLO -ver next to you each morning. Share Thoroughly Entertaining and Funny"s About Life. Funny"s do are not just unique and amusing, but also thought provoking! Filed Under: Anniversary, Anniversary Gifts, Becca, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday Gifts, Freebies Deals, I'm Sorry, Just Because, Long Distance, Long Distance Relationships, Love Note Printables, Love Notes, Marriage Ideas, Printables, Quick. 1.) All s deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl. 2.) Coffee, Chocolate, Cowboys some things are just better rich. Share Add to the Laughs With These Funny Birthday"s. Sending or receiving cute text messages is an ideal way to brighten up a day or to bring a smile to your partners lips. Share Extremely Funny"s That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud How long has it been since the last time you had a hearty laugh? Jun 14th 2014 Written By Becca 85 Comments WEVE GOT CLEVER CANDY SAYINGS FOR almost. Hope its the best birthday BAR NONE! A few funny mottos about life should surely make you take a look at the lighter side of things. Share Funny 50th Birthday"s and Sayings for Your Golden Year 50th birthdays need not mean you should feel old. Being the 'last working day' of the week, you need extra motivation to get through it. Share Just for Laughs: 25 Funny Birthday Sayings. Birthdays mean lots of cake, gifts, happiness, and cheer, along with the realization of becoming older. How often have you looked at the funny side of life?  Take a FAST BREAK and enjoy! In order to get inspired and hold on to those feelings, knowing the path is important. Check out the ones in this article and use them to make your team more comfortable with you. Looking for some funny birthday"s to add to your friend's birthday card? Share Silly Sayings That Will Make You Laugh Till Your Stomach Aches We constantly underestimate the power and importance of laughter in our lives. More from my site For more quick and easy candy gift ideas, check out our Candy Bar Bouquet, Candy Bar Love Notes, and Candy Gram! It is therefore not a bad idea to once in a while, just lay back and read something that makes us smile or laugh. I love you NOW LATER With you, every day feels like PAYDAY! ( Almond Joy ) Happy Anniversary, SWEETART So lucky to have married a BIG HUNK like you! In the middle of this mundane life, if we can find enjoyment and relaxation together, it's at parties. These sentences can be words of wisdom or just bad or rude comments presented in a humorous manner. Share Diabolically Hilarious and Funny Senior"s Every year graduating senior are expected to write something for their yearbook. Teenage, that is 13-19, is one such difficult time in everyone's life, in which you're neither treated like an nor as a.